Alma Mater | University of Amsterdam

I was honoured to be admitted -at what I thought to be a late age- to the master Human Centered Multimedia at the Informatics Institute of the University of Amsterdam. I studied part-time alongside working at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, and graduated cum laude in 2016.

Thesis | Towards a narrative based user-centered design of an immersive news environment

ABSTRACT – Scenarios contain analytical coherent stories that engage through imagination. When stories are presented as a series of connected, coherent events, this is considered a narrative. This paper describes a study that aims to find if future scenarios provide feasible means for a narrative based design of an immersive news environment. Through a user-centered design approach it was found that scenarios provide the means for crafting narratives based on understanding future context and environments. Scenarios did not provide sufficient means to deeply understand the user. Conversations with industry experts and analysis of scenario stories yielded the needed immersion inducing user perspectives. The study aims to progress towards a newsroom simulation in which journalists can experience their future work. In that regard expert’s feedback on the design is promising.

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