Robot Love | Expo

Recently I have been working as managing director of Robot Love, an 18-month project centered around a large scale exhibition of contemporary art exploring the bond between humans and robots.

ROBOT LOVE is an interactive exhibition about the love between humans and robots. In ROBOT LOVE, more than 50 artists ask you whether robots are capable of love. And whether you could love them.

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Who or what do you love in a world where robotics and artificial intelligence are emerging? Where humans and machines are fusing increasingly? In this exhibition you will get closer to robots than ever before. And you will start to think about what it is like to be human.

Walk through the extraordinary building and discover what you really feel and think about the influence technique and science have on our society. With among others robots, artificial intelligence (AI), installations, short films, workshops, children’s workshops, symposia, lectures, meetings, shows and Q&A.

Enter a world in which walls literally come to life and robots and avatars enter into a conversation with you. Discover the numerous options artificial intelligence entails and live, breathe and move along with it.

Should we be afraid of robots acting like human beings? Or rather for people acting like robots? Reinvent society during this exhibition and share your love, intelligence and awareness with others.