Creative writing | The Sol Pendulum

– written as an assignment for the course Serious Games at University of Amsterdam, MSc Informatics –

The Sol pendulum is swinging for many years now. It is said that a wise man caused the re-pull, right before his death, now 2.435 years ago. Up till that point Sol was at its equilibrium position for a long, long time. Back then man knew of neither movement nor standstill. You may ask yourself why. That is, I say, an interesting question. Let me try to explain, dear reader. All man knew was that there was rich soil under his feet and a wondrous sky above his head. Although man was capable of thought and self-consciousness he did not think thoroughly about his presence on the earth. Inexplicable occurrences made man insecure. Man could not grasp all the matters surrounding him. Matters of nature surprised him. Man’s atrocities by others frightened him. Thoughts and dreams astonished him. So, to sooth all man’s insecurities, the unexplainable got explained by the presence of Deities. Man put himself in the shadow of these higher spirits. And that was it. Problem solved. No further questions asked.

Had man taken the opportunity to put his frontal lobe to good use he would have found out in time that man has a great power within. It would have spared us a lot of trouble. But that is easily said in hindsight. There was a brave man who tried. He tried his best. He did give it some thought. Sitting on his favorite rock, Protagoras was on the verge of a brake-through. He felt a tension in his bones. There was a power pulling him back. He felt the pressure on his chest. Just before he could not take it anymore, there it was. His thought. “It is man who is the measure of all things, of the things that are, that they are, of the things that are not, that they are not.” Bam! His body suddenly felt weightless. He did not feel the rock beneath him anymore. He felt wind in his hair. His stomach turned. He then sank away in his mind.

What Protagoras did not know was that his thought had put Sol back to movement. The pendulum swung like it did before. What he experienced on that rock was actually the pulling back of the Sol pendulum. In denying the self-imposed, but absolute truth of the divinities he took Sol back to its natural state. And what Protagoras logically did not know is that Sol used to swing many years before. Sadly Sol came to an abrupt standstill. Why? Well, the reason is the rise of what you now tend to call ‘The Lord’, dear reader. Before, Sol was minding its own business with its slicing swings through time and space. But then came this “Lordship”. There he was. Seemingly out of nowhere. And he rapidly spoiled everything, the self-righteous jerk. The Lord claimed the creation of earth, its surroundings and its inhabitants. Big mouth says it took him six days. Right. On day seven the earth was perfect, so he thought. He had put order to chaos. His work was done. Sitting on his throne he watched over his divine creation.

Nothing amused His Lordship more than watching the man and the woman he created stroll through their garden. The Lord praises himself for thinking of coercing their obedience by placing a forbidden fruit tree in Eden. He is certain that man and women will bow under his command not to eat from that tree. He missed out on one small detail though. Yes, dear reader, you are right. I know what you are thinking. The Lord did not foresee the mischievous demeanor of the snake. Goes to show Lordy was not in total control after all. Lord failed himself. He moped and expelled man and woman from His Eden. They had to passage to Nod, located at the east of Eden. And it all went downhill from there…

I am not going to bother you with more Lord-stories. I now know what went on in those years of the standstill. Maybe you know too. We are indebt to Protagoras who made our Sol swing like it did before The Lords interference. With his thought of relativity Protagoras restored the primordial state of our Sol system. Many brave explorers have since then traveled up the string Sol dangles on, searching for higher good. Some never returned. Some did, but empty-handed.

What can be learned of this? Sol is what it is. Let that be no mystery to you. Let us not forget that both the present-day Dystopian and Utopian races make it possible that you and I can travel through thought. It is because of their expressed world-view that you and I can travel to a space that is neither this nor that.

Had I not eaten the apple we would still be in the drudgery gardens of Eden. So, let us feast in Heterotopia!

Yours sincerely,